My current research is in the field of inflation, which is a very brief period of exponential expansion of the universe which occurred during the very early stages of the universe’s existence.

I am researching into the following areas.

Thermal Inflation

We are constructing a new model of Thermal Inflation.

Hilltop Curvaton Inflation

I am looking at various theoretical aspects of Hilltop Curvaton inflation models, in which the Curvaton field, whose field perturbations gave rise to the structure in the universe, rolls down a hilltop-shaped potential.

I am currently writing code in Mathematica that can be used as a black box approach to obtaining various cosmological parameters, such as the spectrum of the curvature perturbation, PΞΆ and the non-gaussianity parameter fNL, for a given set of input parameters and a given Curvaton potential. The model includes a variety of constraints that come from theoretical considerations as well as from observed values for the parameters involved.

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